The Bagamar Seva Samiti was registered in the year 1991. The association is well known for its social, economical and educational activities in Gajendragad and its surrounding area. Bagamar Seva Samiti is established with motto to develop the Indian Medicine System  i.e. in Ayurveda with modern approach. In the year 1992 Bagamar Seva Samiti has started Ayurvedic Medical College, in the name of Lord Bhagawan Mahaveer.The Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain Ayurvedic Medical College is established with intention to provide higher education in the Ayurved faculty, which is very popular in vedic era and also nowadays it become popular word wide. The College Hospital is serving society with service like free weekly health camp in surrounding villages, free eye operation every year, donation of Jaypur legs who have lost their legs.etc.

In 1993 the Samiti and its medical team visited and given free medical service to  earthquake affected people of Latur, Killari, Saregaon etc. (Maharashtra) and also provided cloths, utensils, food and daily requiring things. In the year 2000 when the state Rajasthan was badly affected by drought, thousand of dumb animals died and suffered for fodder. The Bagamar Seva Samiti along with Padmabhooshan Shri. Veerendra Hegadeji of Darmasthala sent five trains full of fodder to the affected area of Rajasthan. In the year 2001, the Bagamar Seva Samiti and its college doctors team visited and given medical service to     earthquake affected people of Gujarat and also distributed cloths, utensils, food and daily requiring things to the needy people.